H2 Golf

We would like to introduce you to our family business, H2Golf. The H2Golf Company was created by Paul, Taylor and Mike Herber designed exclusively for the PGA Professional. We have been part of the PGA for over 30 years and are excited to offer you an innovative approach to market and sell golf tees, golf grips and accessories in your shop, resulting in increased profits. Over the past three years the H2Golf Tee and Accessory Rack has become a go to money maker for hundreds of golf courses all over the Midwest. We continue to see many golf shops all around the country selling emergency tees for $1.00 or less. After studying the top golf retailers that are selling tees for $2.99-$6.99 per bag we realized there’s a huge opportunity for you the PGA Professional to capture the tee and accessory market these categories. At H2Golf our rack is bringing back the sales of tees and accessories to the pro shop in a system that increases profits and makes stocking and re-ordering easy.