Paragon Golf

Paragon Sports was founded in 1986 and has been producing quality shafts, golf clubs and accessories for golfers all over the world since the late 1980’s. With deep roots in the shaft manufacturing and club forging industry, the Company first earned a reputation for producing top-tier 100% graphite shafts as a result of innovations such as the patented Internal Two-stage Hosel technology and for being the first to introduce two kickpoints in a shaft, a technology that lives on to this day through our unrivaled DDKS┬« shaft, available on its flagship “Phantom” club line.

Through the early 1990’s, the Company continued to refine its club forging and material sourcing capabilities, producing high quality OEM clubs for several leading U.S. golf brands in addition to sales of it’s proprietary Mitsushiba brand golf equipment both domestically and throughout Europe and Asia.

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